If you are an active and purposeful, strive for professional growth and development, we are pleased to see you in our company!
Currently we have open vacancies:
- Tourism Manager must have experience in the sphere of tourism, sociability, desire to learn, knowledge of foreign languages. 

- Administrator of the recreation center on Lake Baikal

- Sous - chef


  • KHURAL worship/service in Buddhism
  • AARSA a product of the distillation of milk. Aarsa is very warming so people tried to make it for winter savings.  Sometimes they boil a little of...
  • CIRCUM BAIKAL RAILROAD historical railway in Irkutsk region of Russia, in the past - part of the Trans-Siberian Railway (Transsib), a unique monument of engineering,...
  • ARBIN horse fat, traditional Buryat speciality served with deep frozen horse liver and salt.
  • SALAMAT a dish made of flour boiled with salt and cream. An extremely nutritious hot snack that was supposed to help nomads survive in cold winter period.