Excursion and tours

  • Surkharban - summer festival of Buryat-Mongolian traditions

    Surkharban is hold in full summer being one of the most picturesque competitions. It was named ‘the three games of men’ and demonstrates the military spirit of Genghis –khan successors. The main attractions of this festival are archery, horse-racing and national wrestling competitions.

  • Sagaalgan – the White Month

    Sagaalgan is the traditional celebration of the New Year closely related to the Buddhist worldview and reflecting the spiritual basis of Buryat-Mongol people life.


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  • DUGZHUUBA a typical rite of Oriental New Year, which is held on the Eve (30 - th of the 12 - th lunar month). This spiritual rite is supposed to clean t...
  • BOORKHAN Buddhist idol, an image of Saint; a sacred place where people come to pray and bring offerings like candies, rice, coins, pieces of cloth etc.
  • SARMA wind blowing in the middle of the lake. Is the most powerful winds of Lake Baikal. On average, in November, Sarma follows 10 days in December - 13. Us...
  • BOOKHLER simple soup with a large piece of meat on the bone and potatoes ; very nutritional and extremely popular. Local people prefer to add salt and black pe...
  • ARSHAN healing water (Buryat). This word comes from the Sanskrit "rashiani" - the nectar, the drink of the gods. Local people also call “ar...