Excursion and tours

  • Surkharban - summer festival of Buryat-Mongolian traditions

    Surkharban is hold in full summer being one of the most picturesque competitions. It was named ‘the three games of men’ and demonstrates the military spirit of Genghis –khan successors. The main attractions of this festival are archery, horse-racing and national wrestling competitions.

  • Sagaalgan – the White Month

    Sagaalgan is the traditional celebration of the New Year closely related to the Buddhist worldview and reflecting the spiritual basis of Buryat-Mongol people life.


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  • LAMA a religious teacher in Tibetan and Buryat-Mongolian Buddhism. May be used as a respectful title of the monk (nun) in order to emphasize their ...
  • ZURKHAY horoscope of nomads, which is actually a study of the relationship of space, celestial bodies, nature and man - handed down from generation to generat...
  • BOOZY traditional Buryat dish, minced (or chopped) meat wrapped in dough and steamed. Nowadays BOOZY are extremely popular and cooked in almost every...
  • SALAMAT a dish made of flour boiled with salt and cream. An extremely nutritious hot snack that was supposed to help nomads survive in cold winter period.
  • BAIKAL (bur. Baigal Dalai, Baigal Nuur) - lake of tectonic origin in the southern part of Eastern Siberia, the deepest lake in the world and largest ...