Excursion and tours

  • Surkharban - summer festival of Buryat-Mongolian traditions

    Surkharban is hold in full summer being one of the most picturesque competitions. It was named ‘the three games of men’ and demonstrates the military spirit of Genghis –khan successors. The main attractions of this festival are archery, horse-racing and national wrestling competitions.

  • Sagaalgan – the White Month

    Sagaalgan is the traditional celebration of the New Year closely related to the Buddhist worldview and reflecting the spiritual basis of Buryat-Mongol people life.


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  • DUGZHUUBA a typical rite of Oriental New Year, which is held on the Eve (30 - th of the 12 - th lunar month). This spiritual rite is supposed to clean t...
  • TAYLAGAN shamanic ritual
  • BOOVY cookies “for family and friends”. These cakes, deep fried, are usually cooked at monasteries for long datsans service and holidays. Nowadays BOOVY is ...
  • SOYOMBO an ancient symbol of the complex, going back to the Indo-Buddhist heritage. Soyombo is a composition in the form of columns, which is represented in s...
  • KHAMBO LAMA the abbot of the monastery. Title of the spiritual leader of Buddhism in Russia.