Excursion and tours

  • Ethnic Tour "Sacred lands of Atsagat"

    The best opportunity to know the customs and traditions of Buryat people in tour complex "Steppe Nomads" in the valley of sacred Buryat land Atsagat. 

  • Visiting hospitable taiga people

    A trip to taiga evenks – one of the most ancient ethnic group of Buryatia

  • Following nomads of the Golden Taiga

    Eco-tour in the Barguzin Valley, a place covered with legends and myths. You will get acquainted with the life of herdsmen, Buryat, Evenk reindeer herders, and will make a horse move in the footsteps of the late 19th century gold miners. through the Ikat Range Karaftit to mine, where the attempt to pan for gold with his hands old-fashioned way.

  • Temujin's land lost

    The valley of Tugnuy hides traces of great events. We will visit the places where 800 years ago Genghis Khan - Temujin gathered his warriors, and will stay overnight in the homes of local residents - Tatars, Buryats, Russian-Semeiskie.

  • Customs and traditions of Baikal

    We invite you to visit Buryatia, stay on the shore of the purest and deepest freshwater lake in the world - Lake Baikal, to get acquainted with the culture, traditions and customs of local people, to take part in shamanic rituals and services in the Buddhist temples, to visit Russian Old Believers village, to visit the holy places associated with the spirits - guardians of the Baikal land, and to feel its grace, and life-giving force.

  • Searching for the liquid gold

    We invite you to visit an apiary located in the village of Verkhy Zhirim, a rural area of our sunny republic. This tour is a combination of gastronomic and ethnic features.

  • Ancient Land of Bargudzhit Tokum

    Bargudzhit Tokum was firstly described by Persian historian Rashid-ad-Din in his "Collection of Chronicles" One can translate it as "the back of beyond" or "outskirts". Monuments of nature and archeology, The Dancing goddess picture manifested in the XXI century on a rock, healing springs and the oanoramic view on the snow-capped peaks of Barguzin range - this many impressive sights you will hardly see in one day elsewhere.

  • Visiting the Family people or a Trip back to the 18th century

    Living in a big crowded city, one hardly ever thinks that somewhere people live the life of their 18th century ancestors. The Old Believers culture is preserved in a remarkably beautiful place with ancient pine forests and emerald meadows along the river Selenga, sun-drenched hills and shady coombs. Beauty of this place cannot be exaggerated, and it just must be visited. Multi-colored trim on carved window-shutters, traditional costumes, multi-voiced polyphonic drawn-out singing "raspevy", Old Russian cuisine, rituals and games - all this and much more will make your trip to the world of one of the brightest and the most ancient branches of the Russian people a life experience.

  • Trip to the Castle of Merkits

    Merkits’ castle and Gengis-khan’s apricot grove, healing springs, ancient legends and many more things to see and hear in this tour.

  • Hospitality of the Russian nomads

    Steppe filled with thyme aroma, smoke of fires, charming sounds of morin-khuur – everyone feels like being a part of nomadic culture here.

  • Foody Buryatia

    What dish is the tastiest? One cannot say for sure as there are thousands of traditional cuisine dishes and millions of cooks and recipes.


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  • TSAM (from Mongolian, Tib. Cham, Bur. Himself) - a solemn religious service performed annually in the open air in the Buddhist monasteries (datsans)...
  • SOYOMBO an ancient symbol of the complex, going back to the Indo-Buddhist heritage. Soyombo is a composition in the form of columns, which is represented in s...
  • OBOO (Mongolian OVOO) - places of worship in the culture of Buryats, Mongols, Khakas and other Turkic-Mongolian people. It is a place of worship to...
  • SHANGI Russian dish, round cakes open, the name of a special kind of bread made with yeast rye, rye-wheat and wheat dough, mix of mutton or beef fat.
    Shangi ...
  • KAMLANIE a shamanistic ritual that connected shaman with other worlds – Under or Upper. The word is derived from the Turkic «kam» - a wizard, sorcerer, soothsa...