Customs and traditions of Baikal


Duration 7 days/ 6 nights
Cost per request

Buryat, Evenki, Russian and other nations for many centuries were inhabiting Baikal shores. Every nation has its own unique culture, their customs and traditions that are free to evolve and interact with each other. 

Tour program: 

Day 1. Arrival to Ulan-Ude. Meeting at the airport/railway station. Transfer to Sagaan Morin hotel, check-in, free time

09:00 breakfast.

10:00 city tour

12:00 lunch at the cafe "Maroussia" (Russian cuisine).

01:00 pm - excursion to the Open-air ethnographic museum

03:00 pm - excursion to the village of Arbizhil (60 km outside the city area) with folk performance and dinner of Buryat cuisine

08:00 pm – return to the city, hotel overnight

 Day 2.

10:00 am Breakfast at the hotel restaurant (buffet).

11:00 excursion to Ivolginsky Datsan (35 km. From Ulan-Ude), accompanied by khuvarak or lama (monk-student or monk). Ivolginsky Datsan is the center of Buddhism in Russia, being a monastery and an educational institution. It is here where the Undecaying Body of Khambo Lama Itigilov awaits for thousands of beliievers and pilgrims over the world. 

2:00pm Lunch in the cafe "Altargana." (Buryat cuisine)

3:00pm Visit to the panoramic platform "Geserey boosa." Located on a low hill overlooking a beautiful view on  Selenga River picturesque valley.

4:00pm participate in a shamanistic ritual "cleansing and blessing of the fire."

5:00pm visit to the remnants of the Huns settlement.

06:00pm dinner at a suburban cafe-tent "Baataray Oohrgooh", return to the city, hotel overnight 

 Day 3.

10:00am Breakfast at the hotel restaurant (buffet).

11:00am Excursion to an Old Beleivers village (Koonaley, Tarbagatay, Desyatnikovo)

01:00pm Excursion to local museum

02:00pm excursion to the Old Believers Church.

03:00pm folklore program "Visiting Semeiskie" with songs, games and traditional treats (Old Russian cuisine).

Return to the city, hotel overnight 

Day 4.

10:00am Breakfast at the hotel restaurant (buffet).

11:00am Departure to Baikal, Sookhaya village. Stop at shamanistic place and rite "Offering to Oosan-Lopson" (Spirit of Water)

01:00pm Arrival. Check-in the tourist complex "Sagaan Morin"

02:00pm Lunch.

05:00pm Trip to hot springs Zagza (3 km), tour complex overnight

07:00pm Dinner.

 Day 5

10:00am Breakfast.

11:00am Excursion by boat "White Rock". Picnic by the fire of fresh-caught fish on Baikal shore.

07:00pm Dinner.

08:00pm Trip to hot springs Zagza, tour complex overnight

 Day 6.

10:00am Breakfast.

11:00am Transfer to Ulan-Ude.

01:00pm Arrival to "Sagaan Morin" hotel, check-in

02:00pm lunch at the restaurant.

05:30pm excursion to datsan "Rinpoche Bagsha", The rite "for successful way."

07:00pm Dinner at "Genghis Khan" restaurant. Possible folk perfomance (throat singing, Buryat traditional musical instruments).

 Day 7.

07:00am Breakfast (buffet).

08:00am Transfer to the airport or rail station. 


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