Baikal from dawn untill nightfall...

Baikal from dawn untill nightfall...


duration  14 hours
cost per request
Specail one-day trip gives you an excellent opportunity to know, see and feel the magnificent lake! You visit traditional Baikal village, get acquainted with Baikal history, try Baikal cuisine and walk along the shores of the deepest and the purest lake in the world. An expierenced guide show you the best sides of Baikal, you enjoy it's relaxing atmosphere and grand wild nature. The programm: - arriving to the lake (we can offer you transport per request) - breakfast in the tour complex "Sagaan Morin" - walking trip on the shores of Baikal - visiting Baikal healing hot water springs - lunch in the tour complex "Sagaan Morin" - visiting the historical museum "Omul Baikal" - trip to the estuary of Suhaya river, waling to "The White Stone" of evenk people (15 km on foot, transport per request) - dinner in the tour complex "Sagaan Morin" - departure to Ulan-Ude


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