Group tours

  • One-day rafting the Selenga River

    The tour includes rafting by bidarka on the Selenga river. The duration of the rafting 3-5 hours. The best way to spend you weekend!

  • Following Baikal gold-miners (tours on horseback)

    The tour over the Barguzin valley , one of the most picturesque and mysterious places in Barguzinskiy district of the republic of Buryatia. You will get acquainted with traditions of Buryat people, Evenks reindeer herdsmen. You will take an unforgettable tour on horseback the way the gold-miners of the 19th century travelled searching for the gold.

  • East and west Baikal

    A unique tour that give you an opportunity to know  more about the nature of Baikal lake, traditions and customs of local people.

  • Baikal Journey (active)

    The best tour for people who appreciate active and comparatively short journeys.

  • Rafting to Baikal

    New impressions, new emotions, wild nature and incredible atmosphere of the old Baikal you are not to forget.

  • The valley of volcanoes

    The tour offers an amazing opportunity to know the unique nature of the Baikal land

  • Baikal Non-Stop

    Horse-riding along the shores of lake Baikal, rafting a river, hiking the most picturesque places of the Baikal - the trip no to forget.

  • Baikal Top-Active

    The best offer for those who prefer active tours. Safari by quads, climbing Cherskiy Peak and amazing rafting the Irkut river - fro the first time in one unforgettable tour.

  • One day snow-vehicle trip on the Baikal ice towards the All-round-Baikal railway

    One-day mini-trip from Listvyanka to Tolstyi Cape (All-round-Baikal railway) by snow-vehicles

  • One day snow-vehicle tour on Baikal lake to Sennaya Pad

    One-day mini-trip from Listvyamka village to Sennaya Pad by snow-vehicles

  • Snow-Vehicle Tour Crossing Baikal

    Crossing ice-covered the deepest ad the purest lake in the world

  • Snow-Vehicle Tour The South Baikal

    Snow-Vehicle Tour The South Baikal ice expanse and winter taiga

  • Big Voyage of Baikal

    Islands of Maloye More (the Small Sea), Circum-Baikal Railroad tunnels, The Pearl of Baikal - Sandy Bay, mysterious Ushkanui Islands with a possibility to see "nerpa" seal. Discover the Sacred Sea with our tour!

  • Golden Ring of Baikal

    The Island of Olkhon, Chivirkui Bay, Ushkany and Maloye More (The Small sea) - find the juwels of Baikal in the Golden Ring of our tour!

  • Baikal's Heart

    Rock paintings of Sagaan-Zaba bay, uniqueness of the Circum-Baikal Railroad, the famous "walking" trees in Peschanaya (Sandy) bay... Baikal's heart opens to you!
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  • Journey to Olkhon

    Baikal is the blue heart of Siberia and Olkhon is the heart of Baikal. The island is its geological, historical and sacral center, filled with ancient legends and historical events.


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  • DZHAMSARAN (var: Zhamsaran) - pre-Buddhist Tibetan and Mongolian god of war. He was inducted into the pantheon of wrathful (or enraged) deities by...
  • DUGAN Buddhist temple. A dugan (or sume) dedicated to specific deities. One DATSAN can include one or up to 15 temples-DUGANs.
  • SAGAALGAN the most solemn and important holiday of Mongolian people, the beginning of spring and New Year's Mongolian lunar-solar calendar.
  • GOOROO a rite, moving clockwise around a sacred place, turning prayer-wheels and praying. Monks say that this rite purifies your karma and multiplies your go...
  • BOOVY cookies for family and friends. These cakes, deep fried, are usually cooked at monasteries for long datsans service and holidays. Nowadays BOOVY is ...