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70034, Russsia, Ulan-Ude, Gagarina Street, 25, hotel "Sagaan Morin"

Contact telephone: 7(3012)44-36-47, 44-44-15;

Railway\air ticket selling section: 55-55-38, 46-04-70 Перейти к большой карте


  • KHUVARAK a person who wants to become a monk, usually a teenager studying in a monastery and serving senior lamas.
  • ARBIN horse fat, traditional Buryat speciality served with deep frozen horse liver and salt.
  • TSAM (from Mongolian, Tib. Cham, Bur. Himself) - a solemn religious service performed annually in the open air in the Buddhist monasteries (datsans)...
  • KHURDE prayer wheels, hollow cylinders with Buddhist prayers-mantras written on cloth and wrapped on the axis . These drums are made of very different materi...
  • RINPOCHE-BAGSHA CENTER Buddhist institution, a temple and an educational centre, established in the beginning of 2000s by Eshe-Lodoy Rinpoche (Buddhist monk-gelong of Tibetan...