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70034, Russsia, Ulan-Ude, Gagarina Street, 25, hotel "Sagaan Morin"

Contact telephone: 7(3012)44-36-47, 44-44-15;

Railway\air ticket selling section: 55-55-38, 46-04-70 Перейти к большой карте


  • PETROGLYPHS images carved on stones and cliffs. May have very different subjects - ritual, memorial, land marking of interconnectivity with all possible
  • SHANGI Russian dish, round cakes open, the name of a special kind of bread made with yeast rye, rye-wheat and wheat dough, mix of mutton or beef fat.
    Shangi ...
  • SHARBIN Buryat tortillas with minced mutton.
  • ALTARGANA - goldenrod. Inconspicuous, humble plant with small leaves and yellow flowers, was a resounding name from the golden color of its bark. Strong root system...
  • GESER (Gesar, Geser Khan) - a character of Buryat-Mongolian mythology, as well as of a number of Turkic nations (Salar, yellow Uygurs, Tuva, Kaz...